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Winston & Olive - A family making world class play tents!

As a mom with two little girls, I struggled finding free time. I found myself searching for a toy that would stimulate their imagination and could keep my girls entertained for long periods of time.

Having no success in finding such a product, I set out to create beautiful and adventurous play tents, where the characters were lifelike and could make mesmerising sounds with one press of a button!

Using patented technology we became the WORLD LEADER in play tents with sound buttons and won multiple awards for our innovation, including Mom’s Choice and Family Choice Awards.

Join Us in Creating Magical Adventures

We partnered with world class artists to create imagery that was so detailed and vibrant that growing imaginations couldn’t help but soar to new heights. 

From the first sketch to the intricate finishing touches, every detail matters to us to create unique and loveable play tents your kiddo will adore.

So join us in creating lasting memories and magical adventures!

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