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Our Story

A Little Bit About Us...

Every parent wants to get stuff done, or maybe they just want to drink a coffee while it’s still hot! We were no different and desperately wanted to find toys that not only kept our little girls engaged for long periods of time but would also encourage their natural curiosity.

We partnered with world class artists to create imagery that was so detailed and vibrant that growing imaginations couldn’t help but soar to new heights. From the first sketch to the intricate finishing touches, every detail matters to us to create unique and loveable play tents your kiddo will adore.

Giving the Best to Families

These mesmerizing play tents have allowed us and thousands of parents to finally drink HOT coffee and get important stuff done while the kids go off on an epic adventure! No need to pack any suitcases or travel far – your kids' imaginations can take them further than you could ever imagine!

The Winston and Olive tents are designed with integrated sound buttons and have won multiple awards including, Mom’s Choice and Family Choice Awards. Giving the best to families is what we love to do best!

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